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Australian model Jordan Barrett and designer Justin Cassin talk exclusively to RUSSH about Berlin Fashion Week

jordan barrett justin cassin

In a full circle moment, Australian model Jordan Barrett walked for designer Justin Cassin at Berlin Fashion Week last week, swathed in structured menswear nodding to contemporary street style. After walking Cassin’s debut show at Sydney Fashion Week in 2017, it was a full circle moment for the Australian model to reunite with the designer in Berlin.

Barrett spoke exclusively to RUSSH about the experience, saying he knew Cassin would “put on an amazing show.”

“It was an incredible experience at the Justin Cassin Mercedes Benz show in Berlin and I loved every moment of it,” explained Barrett. “I [also] had close friends involved in the fashion week.”

“I loved walking for Justin again – we’ve been friends since the 2017 show. I love his designs and I’m proud of what he’s achieved.”

jordan barrett justin cassin

For his 2022 Transeasonal Collection, the runway opened with sleekly styled hair taking inspiration from The Weeknd’s Starboy. Clothes pandered to the current streetwear moments, from elevated hoodies to the peppering of cargo gear that featured in his 2017 debut show in Sydney. For the designer, he says his designs mirror where he is at in his own life and he is passionate about promoting personal style.

“Every Justin Cassin piece is designed for comfort and exudes a unique style of laid back sophistication - they will live through the seasons and be worn occasion after occasion,” explained Cassin of his method and latest collection. “I was hoping to capture a moment in time. 2022 is very different from 2019 [as] we are emerging – there is hope. We return to the workplace and rediscover social life, celebrating life once again.

jordan barrett justin cassin

For both Barrett and Cassin, looking forward to a post-pandemic way of life in 2022 is viewed as a reset and space for clarity, especially for those in creative industries.

“I recently got to enjoy some downtime, reset and really assess my life. I’d like to do more of that in 2022,” says Barrett.

“The pandemic and lockdowns have given us greater appreciation and clarity,” explains Cassin. “People want to embrace art and creativity, fashion and fun. I think the future is bright.”

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