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Joanna Halpin sends us postcards from the CHANEL Cruise 24/25 show in Marseille

English photographer and model, Joanna Halpin is no stranger to the world. Through her work, she's constantly on the go – and we know we'd take her travel advice any day. So when Halpin recently flew from her now-home in New York to Marseille, France for the CHANEL Cruise 24/25 show – alongside our RUSSH editor-in-chief Jess Blanch – we couldn't help but request a couple of her dreamy, diffused postcards from the coast...


I flew in from New York and was greeting by such a thoughtful, generous welcome package in my room.

And the most beautiful outfits, accessories and jewellery to wear over the up-and-coming days.

My first full day in Marseille started with breakfast in bed, followed by a light lunch onboard the chicest, most elegant sailing yacht that was docked in the Marseille harbour.



It was then followed by a sweet group activity of painting clay and strolling around the streets in search of vintage clothing.

And finally (yes, we really were spoiled with things to do) we then went to a tarot card reader and learnt all about the history of tarot.

I was also fortunate enough to have a brief private tarot reading, which is something I have never done before and have always been curious about.

Then after a reset, and in the stunning grounds of the Château Borély, we were served a delicious plant-based meal, along with maybe 200 other lucky guests.

Day two was CHANEL Cruise show day, which I was so excited about for multiple reasons – one of which being the location that the show was in: the historical Le Corbusier apartment building, Cité Radieuse.

The building houses 337 apartments, a hotel, bookshop, coffee shop, gift shop, cafe… it really was so amazing to be able to experience such an iconic building and have a tour of all the different aspects.


The show then took place on the rooftop, with the concrete and skyline being the perfect backdrop to the collection.

And then, post show, we drove along the most beautiful, winding mountain roads to get lunch by the coast – which was so special and felt like the loveliest last group activity before the party that evening.

The closing party was so much fun and so full of energy. Everyone – from the models in the show to the guest that had been invited, to the CHANEL teams who had worked so hard to put everything together – were all in once place celebrating (and rapping along to Marseille rapper SCH).

At 10am the next morning, very sadly and with a slight hangover, I had to depart and say goodbye to the lovely people I had been fortunate enough to spend the last couple of days with.


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