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Your new spring scent: ‘RUSSH’, Jo Malone London and Love Ryan Ceramics celebrate the playfulness of the new addition to their English Pear range

jo malone london english pear & sweet pea

In partnership with Jo Malone London


As the Southern Hemisphere welcomed the first week of spring, RUSSH embraced the change in season by inviting some of the industry's leading creative minds and beauty aficionados to celebrate the launch of Jo Malone London's newest scent, English Pear & Sweet Pea. Igniting the spirit of playful curiosity, the event, which was co-hosted alongside artist and friend of RUSSH, Ryan Der of Love Ryan, encouraged an intimate exploration of childhood memories, colour through scent and vulnerability through creativity. All hallmarks – which in their own unique way – inspired the creation of the latest scent that has found its home in the Jo Malone London family.

Hosted against the backdrop of the beautifully kept gardens of Chiswick restaurant, the event felt right at home within the walls of our very own 'pear orchard'. It's no secret that English pear has long inspired many of the scents within the Jo Malone London fragrance portfolio, but it's this latest iteration in particular that reignites the timeless sensory charisma of the scent in a new light. Conceptualised from the childhood memories of Jo Malone London's Global Head of Fragrance, Céline Roux, who drew inspiration from her adventures in her parent's pear orchard, the morning brought to life the multi-sensory experience with a trip down memory lane.

Not only was this realised through the magic of scent, but in the playfulness of the tactile experience, which was of course led by Ryan. Guests – including RUSSH purists such as Bella Thomas, Sophie Wilde, Yasmin Suteja and Tom Derickx – were guided through the intimate clay moulding experience of creating their own signature pear ceramic, crafting the piece intuitively through their own perspective and interpretation. The practice was an honouring of fragrance through the physicality of shape, but also colour, with guests connecting to shades such as corals, light lilacs and blushy pinks that inspired the Jo Malone London team in the crafting of English Pear & Sweet Pea.

"Whether you have or you haven’t explored clay moulding and ceramics before, the first rule is be ‘kind to yourself’, this is your first time. Even if it’s your hundredth time ‘be kind to yourself’," shared Ryan, greeting the room with words of affirmation.

In-between each step, guests enjoyed a decadent pear-inspired breakfast grazing board, adorned with delicious plates of fresh flavours, colours and textures that saw the essence of spring celebrated in all facets of the morning. NON's delicious Caramelised Pear & Kombu was on constant overflow, and the scent of English Pear & Sweet Pea filled the room as guests explored the familiar, yet unique scent throughout the moulding session.

At the conclusion of Ryan's session, guests gathered around the window closest to the vegetable garden on Chiswick's property to immerse in the exclusive scenting station, uncovering the intricacies of the new fragrance with the help of Jo Malone London’s Luxury Experience Educator, Maurice Barr. Taking a moment to reflect on and explore the aroma of English pear in its existing form, attendees connected with the evolution of the iconic scent; an important note of which is centred around the fragrance House's 'one pear in every bottle' ethos. A recent advancement, Jo Malone London has developed a brand-new natural fruit extraction exclusive to the brand; replacing the previously used lab-made pear accord with a new natural pear essence that takes two years to create. If the synergy between the natural world on Jo Malone London feels boundlessly authentic, it's because it truly is.

Here, enjoy key moments from the immersive morning, and see some of your favourite creative minds uncover the magic of English Pear & Sweet Pea.

The Jo Malone London English Pear & Sweet Pea fragrance is available to discover now, in store or online at

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