7 at-home manicure ideas that will replace your gel appointment

at-home manicures

Spring has sprung (in the Southern Hemisphere, at least) but so too has my aversion to gel manicures. It started when I got a skin check and the doctor made a point of telling me to take breaks so I could monitor for dark spots. But then I realised the entire ritual was getting tedious, so I decided to pause and move to at-home manicures instead.

In the interim I've been playing with DIY options; stickers, capsule colours, even mixing my own shades. I've also been adding looks to my saved folder, ones that are easy enough to DIY but don't fall into the 'glazed' category. If you're in a similar headspace, or love the mindful element of doing a your own nails, a look into said saved options below.


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Admittedly this is me, but I love how these CHANEL stickers as part of the LE VERNIS Nail Looks Set make a boring nude nail look cooler. If you hate chips, or the patience that a solid hue demands, they're a fun option (and limited, so don't sleep on it).


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Black is always a safe bet (plus it easily hides imperfections). Keep the shape neat and square to avoid looking too gothic.


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Jen Azoulay always has great nails in fun shades. I don't really like colour but this baby blue stamped with the CHANEL stickers (again) is special. Admittedly these look like extensions but you could execute the same thing on a natural nail.


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This looks intimidating but I'm certain I could do it with a dry makeup sponge and any glittery polish (but I love the shade pictured). At-home manicures don't get easier than this.


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You really can't go wrong with red. Keeping it short and square gives it a classic feel as opposed to vampy. Shade-wise, I recommend OPI Big Apple Red if you want a true firetruck hue, or Got The Blues for Red if you prefer something deeper. My go-to dark red is always, always Malaga Wine.

I was shopping overseas a few weeks ago and the person working had the best nails. They were short, glossy and dark green. The colour felt like a muted neutral but not your typical wine, red or plum. I asked her to share the shade but ofc she didn't 'remember' — gatekeeping, but I get it. My own research has turned up Hermes Nail Polish in Vert Ecossais. I wouldn't mind it a little darker, but love that this shade is flat, not shimmery.


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I don't have a pair of mesh ballet flats but if I did I'd wear them like this (with a dark pedicure peeking out from underneath). As for the polish? It's got to be OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

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