Jess Blanch’s advice for the new year

Camille Rowe, PHOTOGRAPHY Henrik Purienne.

Find your own power save mode. Activate often.
Read Shakespeare. William will “teach you how to flow”.
Stay in, make sushi and put your records back inside their slip covers.
Do not play If You Could Read My Mind at your New Year's Eve party. Disco died for a reason.
Spike your celery juice with gin to ease into January. No one will ever know.
Learn about superannuation before its too late.
Smile at everyone, especially dogs and older people.
As well as supporting other women, support other humans. We are all on this earth together.
Give everyone you love a steel straw.
Under no circumstances become involved with someone with an obscure band tattoo.
Never make a restaurant booking under your own name.
Adore friends who understand you still want to be invited but will never actually go.
Find yourself a lover who will do your tax.
Create subversive fashion moments at family parties.
Learn the correct pronunciation of 'boquerones'.
Never ever connect to on-board Wi-Fi.
End expired conversations with a kiss.
Save money to buy art.
Don’t fall in love with anyone who sends you a Tom Waits song.
Continue to spread the word about pineapple not belonging on pizza.
Culture not violence.
Wine not water.
Kindness over insecurity.
Act entirely on impulse and longing.
Then resolve against it … next year.