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Jerico Contemporary’s ‘Intimacy’ show features sculptures from Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan Jerico Contemporary

Jerico Contemporary's much-anticipated Intimacy show launched last week at its gallery in Woolloomooloo.

Intimacy is a collection of work that considers the intricacies of human bonds - looking at our entangled, intimate relations with beings and through objects.

The showcase features 24 artworks by 24 different, multi-disciplinary artist - and one of these artists is none other than jewellery designer Holly Ryan.

Holly has launched her first bronze sculptures as part of the exhibition. After attending an art school with a focus on working with bronze, she's created a series of sculptures titled Body As Form. Inspired by the human figure, Holly's sculptures realise the female form in a small masterwork as a continuation of exploring femininity in her large-scale self-portraits.

Body As Form explores touch, sexuality, identity and self as subject as themes - all of which are inherent to the Intimacy exhibition as a whole. The exhibition is the first group show for Jerico Contemporary, and explores the layered notion of intimacy in isolation and considers our entangled, intimate relations with beings through objects.

Jerico Contemporary took submission applications for its Intimacy show early in June. Works responded to a curatorial brief outlined by Gallery Director Jerico Tracy, which included a quote by Cuban-born American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torre. Gonzalez-Torre's body of work explored themes of life - both public and private - and also ideas of formation and decay. Intimacy at it's core is a salve, a cathartic balm set to soothe a society fractured. As we continue to work through this challenging period in history, the artworks in this unique showcase traverse emotions of love and loss, companionship and loneliness. All feelings that we can relate to in the current moment - one that echo the fragility of intimacy.

For those that can't get out to the Jerico Contemporary gallery to see the collection in real life, you can experience it virtually in the gallery's online viewing room.


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