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Chanel animates Jennie from BLACKPINK into its Métiers d’art fairytale

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Just when you thought there wasn't any fresh ground for the quartet behind K-Pop band BLACKPINK to cover, you're proven wrong. That's what happened this morning when Chanel unveiled an animated film with Jennie, an ambassador to the House, reimagined in whimsical 2D form.

Rendered by French production company, Remembers, the short film was conjured up to complement one released in December 2021 as part of the Chanel 2021/22 Métiers d’art show. Six months following the collection's debut, this is Virginie Viard's way of announcing its launch.


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In the animation, Jennie is pictured running through the streets of Paris with tokens of Chanel craftsmanship paving her journey forward. There's glimmering sequins, layers of black silk, pearls and camellia's; and as the musician lifts off, twirling and floating through the air, key Métiers d’art accessories are pinned to the sky. When Jennie lands, her feet are no longer pounding the pavement in the City of Love, rather she is transported to her hometown of Seoul in South Korea. The architecture is vividly imagined and like all fairytales, she is welcomed home by a flock of doves.

All the hallmarks of Jennie's appearance are portrayed in new and inventive ways. There's that curtain of black glossy hair and her signature muted pink lip colour. In the film she's also portrayed wearing Look 53 from the Chanel Métiers d’art collection, a three-button black cardigan with an a-line gossamer pleated skirt, dark stockings and Chanel pumps to round it out.

The film itself is magical in every sense of the word. As if Studio Ghibli and the animators behind Fantasia teamed up on a project.

See Jennie in the animated video, below.


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