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Here’s everything you need to know about the jellyfish cut trend sweeping social media

jellyfish haircut trend

Ok, time for a check in: How are we all coping keeping up with the trend cycle in 2022? And we don’t mean exclusively fashion – beauty is also a minefield of trends. Anyone remember hair slugging? Well, today, we are pleased to bring you a new trend your mane may just be craving: the jellyfish cut, as known and loved through the annals of TikTok.

What is the jellyfish cut?

First came the wolf cut, now we are looking to sea creatures for inspiration rather than land mammals. The jellyfish cut trend is a blend of a mullet and a bowl cut, named for its striking resemblance to the shape of a jellyfish – consider it a version of a mullet that plays on shapes and juxtaposing lines.

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The jellyfish cut features two distinct, disconnected sections. The top part sits on the outer layer of the hair, mimicking the appearance of a bowl cut, typically finishing at the middle of the ear in a bell shape reminiscent of the under sea creatures. The bottom part of the cut is a long, inner layer that gives the appearance of tentacles.

At its crux, the jellyfish haircut is all about layers, layers and more layers.

How do you style the jellyfish haircut?

Music to our ears, the jellyfish cut is a universal style working no matter the texture of your hair or if it be straight, waved or curly. The maintenance of the jellyfish cut is also low, and can be a wash-and-go style much of the time. What’s good about the jellyfish cut is it is customisable, meaning you can employ texture balms or sprays if you prefer, or leave it sleek and straight.


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For those wanting to experiment with colour, think of the style as your friend. The top half of the cut can be left as your natural colour, while the tentacle, lower section is dyed a fresh hue, or reversed. Some have even chosen to replicate the typical colours of a jellyfish in their cut, with blues and greens paired together in TikTok videos.

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