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Fool proof tips to creating the perfect luminous make-up look with Armani beauty

Armani beauty Luminous Silk

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For years, Armani beauty's Luminous Silk Foundation has been somewhat of a legend for anyone who wears face makeup. Call it the iconic Armani glow, anyone who was privy to its seismic sprint to cult status in the late 2010s, or has tried it for themselves, will be able to attest to its sheer but perfectly buildable formula; one that no matter how much coverage you build, will continue to perfect and add glow throughout the day and night.

An industry icon in honing dewy, illuminated, and softened skin, the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is not alone, and over the years, the Luminous Silk Family has grown to introduce products that enhance your glow and perfect base even further. To demonstrate this, Armani beauty's Artistry Manager Jason Branigan has teamed up with Model Hanan Ibrahim for an exclusive livestream with RUSSH to give away the secret to the iconic Armani glow.

Armani beauty Luminous Silk

For Branigan, the key to hydrated, luminous skin always begins with the way we treat it, which is why starting with hydrating products is the first step to achieving the glow. Prepping the skin with Armani beauty's Acqua Pantelleria Treatment Lotion, Branigan massages the product into the skin, and follows with a rich cream like the Armani beauty Crema Nera Reviving Cream to lock in hydration. "Moisturiser really is key, because it's going to help lock that hydration in and provide a barrier that's going to protect your skin and keep it moisturised all day."

"Makeup-wise, I like a dewy glow and a red lip," Ibrahim explains to Branigan, before moving into makeup with the Luminous Silk range. The routine begins with a pearl sized-amount of Armani beauty's Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer, a comfortable and hydrating face primer that delivers natural-looking radiance, enhancing your glow and makeup and creating a perfect canvas for foundation in a universal shade. Then, Branigan applies the star of the show, the Armani beauty Luminous Silk Foundation, starting with one pump and blending out from the centre of the face to create a perfect natural glow. "The texture is buildable, so if you are going to an event you can layer it up really easily," Branigan explains.

"When it comes to applying Luminous Silk, I always like to start on the high points of the face and then blend out from there. It's perfect for touching up, if I was going from day to night what I'd do is apply a really small amount through the centre of my face, as well as in any areas of concern." He continues, advising Ibrahim that the Armani beauty Foundation Brush or clean fingers work best for blending out at any time of the day.

Armani beauty Luminous Silk

Next, Branigan opts for the Luminous Silk Lightweight Liquid Concealer in a few shades lighter to highlight under the eyes. This multi-purpose concealer can be used to both highlight and conceal, but is specifically designed for the under-eye area to brighten and lend to the Armani glow with hydrating benefits. "I like to go a little lighter with the concealer, just because it's going to give us a bit more of a brightening effect under the eyes." For night time, especially if you want to look really illuminated under the eye, Branigan advises to go up to one to two shades lighter under the eyes.

To finish off the look, Branigan applies the Armani beauty Luminous Silk Glow Fusion Face Powder to deliver a fresh, luminous result when worn alone, or a long-lasting healthy glow when applied after foundation. Sweeping across the face, Branigan applies Ibrahim's colour match in the centre of her face and T-zone where her makeup tends to lift throughout the day, and a slightly deeper shade in the contours of her face to sculpt and define. "I really like using different shades because it allows you to add warmth and dimension," Branigan explains. "When it comes to enhancing the cheekbone, I like to come from underneath to further enhance the natural cheekbone, add a flush of colour, and give some warmth," he says, sweeping the powder across her cheek from her hairline.

"One concern I have with powder is that I feel like it takes away my glow, but this one has just enhanced it." Ibrahim says.

Once a flawless, luminous base has been laid with the use of the Luminous Silk range, the last touches are offered courtesy of everyone's favourite finishing product, the famous Luminous Silk Fluid Sheer highlighter. Tasked with adding the final touches of glow to the base, the Fluid Sheer product creates a beautifully enhanced glow with a tap of the finger. Here, Branigan presses the product into the top of the cheekbones, and following it with a sweep of Neo Nude A-Blush and application of Lip Maestro Mediterranea Liquid Lipstick.

"I love how luminous and glowy my skin is," Ibrahim says, "but it still feels very lightweight."

To recreate the look, or get more tips on colour matching, choosing the right blush, and the right application of concealer, you can follow tutorial from our RUSSH livestream with Hanan Ibrahim and Jason Branigan below.



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