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Jarvis Aivali on getting ready for NYFW and the Tommy Factory show

In partnership with Tommy Hilfiger


Ever wondered what it's like being invited to a show at New York Fashion Week? We put this question to Jarvis Aivali, who recently flew to the big apple to witness the spectacle of Tommy Hilfiger's 'See Now, Buy Now' Fall 22 collection. It was "quintessential American powers with a twist," Aivali notes.

Given that the show was a love letter to New York City from "the man [that] runs New York," it would be rude to not take the opportunity to soak up everything the city has to offer. And Jarvis Aivali did just that. Before experiencing the euphoric show, misted by the sudden downpour with the Manhattan skyline glittering in the backdrop, Aivali began his trip with a fitting at Tommy Hilfiger to find the perfect look. It was a collaborative effort that resulted in Aivali slipping into a monogrammed pair of navy trousers and crisp cropped button up with a cascading plaid skirt. The outfit was rounded out with a gold Tommy locket necklace and a pair of silver heeled boots.

Next stop? The streets. Once primed in his Tommy Factory outfit, out of the Harlem apartment he was sharing with an architect, and into a black SUV he went, with the music dial turned all the way up. A little rain and a lineup of identical black SUVs meant Jarvis was fashionably late. As was the rest of the crowd. Before finding his seat, he made sure to indulge in a Tommy-branded refreshment, then joined the throng of umbrella-wielding fashion somebodies in their plastic ponchos and high spirits. "The crowd definitely passed the vibe check," Aivali said.

As quiet crept upon the audience and the city lights danced across the foil flooring, the first exit swaggered out. Lila Moss trailed not far behind, and as Jarvis recounts, the crowd cheered when Winnie Harlow appeared. Then came other distinctly New York names like Hari Nef, Bob Colacello, Paloma Elsesser, as well as Quannah Chasinghorse and Precious Lee.

What happens after the runway? To avoid the deluge, Jarvis spotted his driver and pulled a stranded friend and model from the show into the car too. After a quick drop off, Jarvis headed home to continue working, with a bowl of That fried rice for company. With no Tommy after party this year, Aivali ended the night early to catch some well-deserved Zs.

Watch the Tommy Factory Fall 22 show at New York Fashion Week at and view Jarvis Aivali's own footage from NYFW, below.

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