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Jaeger-LeCoultre invites Sydney to experience the ‘The Reverso Stories’

There's a lot of parts to a watch. There's also a lot more than meets the eye. Watchmaking as a discipline has existed for centuries, defying the odds of creation, invention and design. Boasting decades of experience, Jaeger-LeCoultre is an inimitable mainstay in the watch world. In 1931, they shifted the game with the creation of the Reverso. A classical timepiece with an Art Deco impression, its longevity as a beloved watch is a testament to its enduring character.

The Reverso has overseen many changes in its nine decades. With the addition of fifty calibres, gemstones, enamel and engravings, the metal flip has become an outlet of creative embellishment for any wearer. In honour of its heritage, Jaeger-LeCoultre is bringing the experience of the timepiece to you. 'Reverso Stories' will commemorate the timepiece with an immersive experience in the heart of Sydney.

The ‘Reverso Stories’ experience will operate out of Martin Place, in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, from 10–19 May 2024. There are four phases to this activation: Story of an Icon, Story of Style & Design, Story of Innovation and Story of Craftsmanship. A Reverso collection will include miniature-painted hand models of the current collection, timepieces, High-jewellery and more. One of the highlights: the world’s first wristwatch with four functioning faces, the Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 ‘Quadriptyque’.

Visitors can explore a multimedia installation, titled Origin, commissioned from the Korean artist Yiyun Kang by Jaeger-LeCoultre under its Made of Makers programme. Through a series of collaborations with multi-disciplinary creatives, Made of Makers expands on the possibilities between horology and art. Past inclusions to the programme have embraced the visual arts, gastronomy and music. A three-dimensional screen has also been built as part of the installation, viewable from the external public space.

Will there be live experiences inside the booth?

In the mood for something more hands-on? A live demonstration of the decorative perlage-process will be open for visitors keen on a more hidden away element of watchmaking. See for yourself how a watch made durable for live-polo matches gets its characteristic sleekness. The Sydney edition of 'Reverso Stories' will also launch three exceptional limited-edition pieces. They boast an additional touch: namelling, gold-leaf paillonage and gem-setting mastered by the Manufacture’s in-house Métiers Rares™ (Rare Handcrafts) atelier.

To close, visit the 1931 Café and the Boutique for a sip and pastry to round your experience. There are complimentary madeleines, two minutes away from King Street. We'll see you there. Be on time.

How do you book?

‘Reverso Stories’ will run from 10–19 May 2024 in Martin Place, Sydney CBD, opening daily from 9.00am to 7.00 pm (5.00 pm on Sundays) with free access to the public. Guided tours, lasting approximately 20 minutes, are available.

Visitors may book online or register upon arrival, walk-ins are welcome.


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