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Looking back at our ‘Born Again’ issue with cover star Isabeli Fontana

By the stars she’s a Cancer – sensitive and intuitive, a true water sign. By the earth, she’s the girl from Brazil. Born and raised. A true super, she’s fronted campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Chanel, posed for Lindbergh and Feurer and walked for Givenchy, Isabel Marant and Victoria’s Secret. And with those impossible features and the kind of glow that never seems to fade, is it any wonder? All ice-blue eyes and down-to-earth vibes, Isabeli Fontana is our New Year muse.

First impressions are … Always good! I understand people. If I had my time over I would … Re-do everything the same again. My star sign is … Cancer, rising Capricorn. This means that … I’m sensitive in the fact I’m able to read people, also I love to work. My favourite season is … Spring.The one thing I’d tell my younger self is … Be very attentive in what you do. My nickname is … Izzy. I find clarity in … Meditation. Freedom is … The best thing ever, life it’s a playground it’s amazing to discover things, to be conscious and alert as well. My intuition tells me … Everything.

I believe in … Love. A habit I’d like to get out of is … When I’m not so patient. I feel good when … I’m patient enough. I’m most comfortable when … People surrounding me are really relaxed. The world needs more … Love, respect, kindness. Right now I’m listening to … Tame Impala. My style is … Relaxed. My favourite memory is … When I’m in nature. Not many people know that … I’m very simple. I daydream about … To feel pleasure. My kids … Changed my life. I’ll never forget … That moment I became a mother. I’m looking forward to … Learning to cook vegetarian. My ultimate escape is … Skiing in Chile. I’ll always take a chance on … [Doing] it right. To make me smile … Really easy. The best things in life are … Having fun with people you love to hang with. I feel connected to … My essence. The last book I read was … Journey of Souls. 2017 was … A hard learning year. 2018 will bring … Luck to new projects. 

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