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Interior inspirations in times of isolation

We (the entire world) are definitely navigating through unchartered waters during the current Coronavirus pandemic. It’s a strange time filled with uncertainty, social distancing and being confined to our homes. Whether you’re a few days in or weeks, many of us are starting to get a little stir crazy. It’s best to know how to utilise your time at home that best suits you and your new routine. Whether taking a break from the news for some home workouts or regrouping from a day behind your laptop with some reads or podcasts.

If you’re like me and obsess over interiors, furniture and architecture, this is the perfect time to gain a little inspiration for your home, dream of your next space or just lust over and appreciate beautiful things. Here, I’ve rounded out some of my favourite interior Instagram pages to inspire and get you through confinement in these coming weeks.

Differ Design

For long staircases, parquetry floors, high ceilings, vintage rugs and luxurious lounges… Sound good?

Kirill Bergart

From artist and designer Kirill Bergart residing in Los Angeles. Come here for a curation of tonal wooden dreams, eclectic stools, cabinets, draws and plenty of lighting fixtures and lamps. Because don’t we all love lamp?

Zora's Daughter

The more moderately modest of spaces filled with warm glow sunlight, simple furnishings, mattress to floor bedding and rich vintage feels. Forever my inspiration for studio and warehouse spaces.

The Modern Chair

The name says it all right? This is for the chair obsessed such as myself who drool over incredible stools, chairs, lounges, etc, that are basically incredible pieces of architecture and works of art. You may also take pleasure in the very meticulously colour coordinated grid – one that soothes the soul of a person with OCD (me).

Atelier Vime

For the more luxurious and rich vintage European vibes. In a Provencal 18thcentury mansion so says the Instagram bioThis makes me excited for the day I can re-book my now cancelled European holiday… soon I hope.