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A night at MARS Gallery with Kasia Töns and our creative community

Where were you last Thursday night? If you were to glimpse inside Windsor's MARS Gallery, you'd find our creative community in Melbourne assembled for an intimate affair, filled with art, conversation and free-flowing wine supplied by merchants VNTNR. It was an evening not to be missed.

Surrounding the group – which included the likes of sculptor and artist Meagan Streader, photographer Daniel Temesgen, and dancer Lexi Bassile – was the latest exhibition from textile artist Kasia Töns. The body of work, entitled Intremeties, was carefully crafted over six years and features a densely embroidered tapestry that tells the story of the natural world and humans living harmoniously, where people have done away with exploiting the earth and instead assumed the role of custodians.

Elsewhere stood a bubbly hand-stitched structure sewn from found and repurposed materials, which Töns regards as her "disaster dream shelter". The artwork, dubbed Panopoly, speaks to Töns lived experience of housing insecurity, and grants protection and privacy to the person inside, who can see without being seen.

Guest sat down to dinner to the sound of a local quartet. Unsurprisingly, the Kasia Töns work was the major point of conversation throughout the evening, which was discussed over a vegetarian supper which included three limited-run wines produced by VNTNR as part of its Artist Series. Comprising a biodynamic shiraz, a skin contact vermentino, and a grüner veltliner, there are only 200 bottles of each varietal available for purchase, each of which feature artworks from Meagan Streader, Diego Ramirez and Scotty So.

Speaking of Scotty So, guests were treated to a drag performance by the multidisciplinary artist – easily the highlight of the night.

Step into MARS Gallery and experience the evening vicariously through a selection of images taken by Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow on the night. Until next time.

Intremities by Kasia Töns is showing at MARS Gallery until February 24.

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