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17 ingestible beauty brands you need to know about

The realm of beauty is no longer just about what you put on your skin. Our understanding of skin and health has come to the point that we know beauty is just as much about what you put in your body, as it is what you put on your skin. Cue the birth of ingestible beauty brands.

With this in mind, please allow us to introduce you to 17 of our favourites. But, these beauty brands won't offer creams or scrubs. These are the brands looking to treat your skin, body and soul from within. Find our essential list below.


PEARL by Par Olive

Founder of PEARL by Par Olive, Olivia Boyd-Smith created the brand out of her own personal need. A former beauty editor, at the time of making PEARL, there wasn't an ingestible beauty product on the market that met her requirements of purity and efficacy. So, she made her own. PEARL is a formula of marine collagen made from wild caught collagen peptides. They're hydrolised down to the lowest molecular weigh available which leads to maximum absorption by the body. It comes in flavourless or coconut.


JS Health

JS Health is a range of vitamins and supplements designed to support inner and outer health. From tablets to powders and even proteins, the JS Health range looks to create formulations to holistically assist our wellbeing. Some of the best selling supplements include the hair growth and energy tablets and the skin and digestion tablets.


Vida Glow

Vida Glow is a premium ingestible beauty brand created by Anna Lahey. On a trip to Japan she discovered the benefits of collagen, the ubiquity of the ingredient in Japanese culture and also lack of knowledge around this ingredient in other parts of the world. It was this that inspired her to create a beauty brand, but one focuses on what you put in rather than what you put on. Vida Glow offers collagen powder, antioxidant supplements and hyaluronic acid elixirs, all created with the purpose of promoting skin health and longevity.


The Beauty Chef

Founder Carla Oates believes beautiful skin begins with a healthy gut. When she worked in beauty writing she was alarmed by how many toxins were in commercial beauty products. It inspired her to take an inner health approach, one about feeding your skin with healthy foods. When she discovered the connection between gut health and skin she began experimenting with lacto-fermenting skin-loving superfoods in her Bondi kitchen. Today, The Beauty Chef is one of the biggest ingestible beauty brands in the world with everything from cleansing formulations and collagen formulations all the way to the cult Glow powder.



Dose & Co

Dose & Co creates collagen and protein supplements with a focus on accessibility. Founder Libby Matthews set out to create a brand free from artificial flavours and one that would be reasonably accessibly to everyone. "The majority of the collagen brands on the market are incredibly expensive which means only a small percentage of people can afford them," she told RUSSH. Her brand also offer options for the eco-conscious - Dose & Co packages in paper canisters, not plastic, and also offers a bovine collagen option for those who prefer not to buy ocean products.


Melrose Health

A family-owned and operated business from Melbourne, Melrose Health wants to make living healthier and naturally easy for everyone. Melrose Health works closely with farmers to access the best foods to create its formulations which includes super food tonics, stress support powders and MCT oils to support a ketosis or low carb diet.



Created by Elle Macpherson, WelleCo creates powders and supplements designed to nourish from the inside out. Off the back of her own journey to wellness, Elle created a carefully-curated collection of plant-based, wellness products including a blend of daily greens called the Super Elixir, the brand's signature products.



Swisse is one of Australia's oldest inner health companies and in recent years, this brand has also come to offer topical skincare products in its Swisse Beauty division. In support of it's skincare, Swisse now also makes beauty supplements including collagen gummies, hair skin and nail tonics and even skin regeneration tablets.


By Beth

Natural, Australian brand By Beth believes that luxury comes from within. This edible beauty brand creates formulas designed for inner and outer wellness, but also ones that leave as minimal impact on our environment. The brand heroes Australian bovine collagen in collaboration with native Australian botanicals to create three bespoke formulas for wellness. All the ingredients are ethically sourced and the containers are refillable.


Edible Beauty

This one is an ingestible beauty brand compatible to a vegan lifestyle. Edible Beauty is a brand that has always been about holistically transforming skin. You may be familiar with this brand's range of cult, clean skincare products. But naturally, Edible Beauty also creates products designed to work within. Detox, beauty teas, plant-proteins, gut health support powders and even plant-based collagens make up the extensive range of natural, sustainable and totally vegan formulations.


Orchard Street

With a tag line that reads "channeling the ancient and modern arts of wellness into life enhancing offerings", Orchard Street is a trusted favourite. This brand has in-person stores that cook up ready-made treats, but also the online store that sells teas, elixirs and more. With a focus on plant-remedies, the naturopathic formulations at Orchard Street are designed to cleanse, nourish and bring us closer to Mother Earth.


Beauty Boosters

Beauty Boosters is a brand with a holistic goal to treat skin on the inside and on the outside. An inner-health first approach, Beauty Boosters leads with its three ingestible beauty formulations - Glow Getter, Collagen C and Complexion Perfection - each of which is designed to target a different area of skin health. The range is then complimented by the topical products which help to support the word the vitamin supplements do from within.


The Base Body Co.

Founded by Sara Ayres, The Base Body Co. was inspired by Sara's own experience feeling stressed out and burnt out. It became a transformative experience that made her crave holistic and natural inner health support. Today, each of The Base Body Co.'s formulations is inspired by need - that nothing similar exists or there isn't one up to Sara's standard of purity and efficacy. It's signature product, SuperZen tastes hot chocolate and supports the body's ability to deal with stress.


La Mav

This is not strictly and ingestible beauty brand as La Mav is mostly creates topical formulations. But the brand does also have a range of beauty teas, designed to nourish, brighten and hydrate skin from within. And they're truly delicious. The big bottle of brightening tea lived in my cupboard for less than a month, it's my tea of choice without a doubt.


The Healthy Chef

Australian-made and plant-based, The Healthy Chef has entire range of health foods. While not all of them are designed specifically as ingestible beauty products, such as its beauty tea and collagen supplements are designed to support the look and radiance of our skin.



Inner beauty brand Imbibe is a global source for remedies and wellness tools. Founder Felicity was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and found herself with digestive issues, signs of premature ageing, hair loss and fertility issues. She went in search of clean formulations that could help and when she couldn't find what she was after, she decided to make it herself. Imbibe is a brand that utilises high-performance ingredients (all scientifically-backed) to create beauty tonics and collagens that deliver a glow from within.



LAND emerged onto the ingestible scene with a goal to create products that allow us to maintain our wellness routine no matter what life throws at us. So far its offering includes an Organic Lemon Juice Powder made from real lemons and easily dissolved in hot water. Take it with you to the office, on a plane, anywhere really, and you'll never be without your refreshing glass of lemon water to kick start the day.

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