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Indira Scott is more than just her beauty trademark

With hip-skimming braids and soul-staring eyes, Indira Scott is shaking up the show circuit one runway at a time.

Closing Dior’s Haute Couture show in her debut season, Indira Scott has appeared on countless Top Newcomer lists since. Her laid-back confidence and evident spirituality has earned her a spot in the shows of Altuzarra, Balmain, Oscar De La Renta, Coach and more.

Scott’s self-assurance and fearless authenticity means her feet are planted firmly on the ground and staying true to herself is her first priority.

Saying no to any designers that ask her to change her hair from her trademark box braids in order to be more homogenized, Scott’s rejection of this standard is one of the ways she stands out in the crowd.

The Queens native’s positive outlook on life can only be observed with admiration, her vulnerability and candour is both inspiring and relatable, particularly when she talks about the very real side of her profession with honesty and respect. When the layers are peeled off, there appears to be much more to the 22 year-old than just her beauty trademark, and we can’t get enough of her because of it.