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Calling all iso-chefs, IKEA has revealed its famous meatball recipe

On the list of things I didn't realise I would miss in isolation, IKEA meatballs.

I consider myself to be a decent homecook and my Swedish heritage means I've been making Swedish meatballs since I was old enough to stand. And yet somehow, even Farmor's recipe can't quite match the deliciousness that is the IKEA meatball - or köttbullar as we say in Swedish. As a result, I always have a packet or two of frozen IKEA meatballs in my freezer, in case the occasion calls for it. But at the moment, isolation and a little too much eating at home has me very close to running out.

But this week, there's been some good news for all the iso-chefs out there. IKEA has revealed the recipe for its beloved meatballs, along with its recipe for brun sås or brown sauce. This surprise reveal causes quite a stir in our morning content discussion. Almost everyone has a story about IKEA's meatballs. Morish and homey, they really are the ultimate comfort food.

On a first read of this recipe, it all seems so simple, and it's very close to what I was making already. But as any chef (iso or otherwise) knows, proportions are everything - and mine were off. You can bet I'll be trying out this new recipe this week.

Without further ado, here is the recipe that IKEA shared on Twitter. Remember to serve with boiled potatoes and lingonberry sauce.


Creative cooking in isolation has become something of a trend - and it's one we're absolutely on board with. We've already shared some of our favourite recipes for baking in isolation. And we've been getting creative with cooking on our Instagram stories. We also love seeing what you're all making. Please do let us know if you've made something interesting. The RUSSH team loves hearing your stories.

And of course, if anyone decides to give these IKEA meatballs a try, please send us a picture.

Now, we just have to wait and hope for the kanelbullar (cinnamon bun) recipe to be revealed.