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I kiss you blush: weekend beauty courtesy of our model muses

The end of February brings with it an upsetting reality - summer will soon come to an end. So how do we maintain that flushed, rosy glow the season brings once the heat starts to fade?

Inspired by the likes of Iris Law, Georgia Fowler and Devon Lee Carlson, we've worked out the simple way to achieve a radiant, blushed tone all year round. The solution? It's all about matching your lips to your cheeks. Barely there or all the way – it's up to you, but never be afraid to take this look too far.

Create a soft, rosy stain imitating your usual sun kissed completion by using a cream product, they tend to go on smooth and melt naturally into the skin. Try RMS BEAUTY Lip2Cheek made with organic ingredients and rich in antioxidants, or the LILAH B. Divine Duo Lip & Cheek formulated with coconut oil, aloe and agar. This versatile, two-in-one approach to makeup will save you time in the morning and room in your makeup bag, leaving you the space to blush all year round.