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Hublot commits to rhino conservation with Big Bang Sorai


Currently, the biggest threat to the existence of our African rhino's lies in the business of poaching. With over two thirds of our rhino population in South Africa’s Kruger Park being made extinct over the past decade, its devastating to think that there are less than 500 rhino's remaining.

Further devastating is following the closing of the South African border in March 2020 from COVID-19 outbreaks, South African parks saw a shortage of rangers and visitors, allowing for poachers to roam and hunt more freely.

In its commitment and support of animal conservation and SORAI: Save Our Rhino Africa India, Swiss brand Hublot are renewing and reconnecting its ties and dedication with its new initiative Big Bang SORAI. Following on from its release of the iconic and award winning time piece titled Big Bang in 2005; Hublot will return for its second installment of support with a new edition of Big Bang SORAI, with sales proceeds donated to the largest rhino sanctuary in the world, Care for Wild, supported by SORAI.


"According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), international, national and local partners must work together to resolve the biodiversity crisis. It is our duty to amplify the voices of those who work on the ground to protect endangered species, particularly the African rhino which is in critical danger of extinction. Hublot is truly delighted and proud to support Kevin Pietersen and SORAI in this movement which is so crucial for the future," concludes Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.


Dubbed as a global emergency and a crisis in biodiversity, founder of SORAI Kevin Pietersen further states, "On the ground, every day is a battle, a race against time by the teams of dedicated specialists who rescue, rehabilitate, and release these rhinos back into the wild. We don’t want to lose one of the Big Five, not for us but for our children’s children. We therefore need to put our common efforts to protect this species! I am very happy that Hublot is once again able to provide its support to SORAI, to help raise maximum awareness of this global emergency."


This time round, the timepiece Big Bang Unico SORAI II will be released in a limited edition of 100 pieces, all equipped with the UNICO manufacture movement in green ceramic casing, sapphire crystal glass and a bush inspired green camouflage rubber strap. The special edition features its own unique engraving, more information on this timepiece and initiative is available


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