How to take photos like a pro, to make your next trip abroad one to remember

How to take photos like a pro

If there is one thing we have learned after the sad state of affairs that was lockdown, it's that travel is a privilege. After spending countless days over the past two years wearily scrolling through Airbnb posts, hopelessly hanging out for our next big adventure we've learned a thing or two about managing our need for escapism. So now, that we've finally emerged out of the COVID-19 cocoon, we're dusting off all our best camera gear to document everything we missed out on.

Sometimes, the most exciting part of going on holiday is the images you'll know you'll come back to after. But the issue for most of us is knowing just how we can optimise a shot to the best of our advantage. So much of travel photography is about capturing a moment in time, without pre-tense of how it should look. We spend so much time worrying about an outcome when really all the best shots are the unplanned ones.

There are many ways of setting up the perfect cityscape shot, but most travel photographers are in agreement that there are a few cardinal rules of thumb to follow to get the best results. Here, we've compiled a few tips from the experts to follow for your next photography spree abroad.



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Focus on timing the shot

According to the experts, starting your cityscape shots at either the beginning or the end of the day is the optimum time to get the most interesting light. Given the transitional time frame, the range of colours and tones is more unique at this time offering more diversity within the shot. Look to places like Paris, New York or Tokyo for great high up cityscape vantage points. A good rule of thumb is to look into rooftop locations such as hotels, bars or public access sky decks for the most unobtrusive view for your shot.

Don't go overboard with fancy equipment

Such a large part of photography is getting used to what you have. All the best photographers in the world will tell you it's not the tools but how you use them. Don't waste time spending obscene amounts of money on expensive gear, instead make use of what you have and be creative on how you can use this to the best of your advantage. If your phone is all you have then get comfortable with all its functionalities and different ways of framing a shot.

Pay attention to your framing

Like all things in life, photography can go a bit wonky, and while this is sometimes a cool look it isn't always what we are after with particular travel photography. While some landmarks and structures may look straight to our eye, our equipment doesn't always follow suit. Always remember to keep an eye on the camera and if it is sitting crooked or laying flat against the scenery.

Be in the moment

As opposed to being constantly on the pursuit for the ideal location, take advantage of the places and spaces you find yourself in. Being present in the moment is such a huge part of travel photography. Try not to overthink the location, instead relish in the moment and when the mood strikes pull out your camera to frame up the perfect shot. Spontaneity is such a huge part of travel and it should reflect in your photo memories too.

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