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How to help the people of Ukraine as Russia invades

how to help ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked alarm globally; dire images broadcasted across countries and concerns felt in nations far from the unrest. Destruction of the country continues to worsen and the number of ensuing casualties is rising as the assault proceeds. Alarmed at what is happening to citizens, there is an inherent compulsion to reach out, by any means possible, to help Ukraine in their time of need.

What is the Australian government doing to help?

As a nation, Australia will provide funding into the Western-led effort to arm Ukrainian soldiers fighting against the Russian military, working with NATO to assist the country without boots on the ground. In conjunction with the US, UK and European countries including Germany, large quantities of weaponry have already been sent to the embattled nation.

The fallout from the conflict is already significant and will likely continue to escalate. US President Joe Biden reiterated this in a statement, saying, “President Putin has chosen a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering. Russia alone is responsible for the death and destruction this attack will bring… The world will hold Russia accountable.”

Watching on from homes across the country, many Australians have found themselves asking how they too can help the people of Ukraine during an unprecedented period of unrest and upheaval. To guide you on where you may like to pledge your support to the Ukrainian people, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of charities you can donate to, providing aid to Ukraine.

The International Fund ‘Кожен Може

The fund helps to support children and elderly people with disabilities affected by the war alongside supporting hospitals and volunteer initiatives in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Foundation ‘Територія Добра

Assisting the Ukrainian army and children living in the regions of the Donetsk and Luhansk, particularly affected by the conflict.

Ukraine Crisis Appeal 

Endorsed by the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations, the Ukrainian Crisis Appeal is providing urgent supplies to displaced and impacted Ukrainians.

The ‘Return Alive’ Foundation

One of the largest charitable organisations assisting Ukrainians at this stage of the war.

CARE Australia

Supporting their local partners in the country and neighbouring nations with food and water distribution, along with hygiene kits and money for supplies.

United Help Ukraine 

Providing urgent medical supplies and humanitarian aid, alongside raising awareness of the conflict and its impact on the Ukrainian people.

The ‘Ukraine Humanitarian Fund’

The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund assists NGO and UN agencies in Ukraine helping vulnerable communities and people. It also provides citizens with food, water, shelter and necessary support.


Currently helping the people of Eastern Ukraine with fundamental humanitarian assistance.


Purchase any item of clothing from the label's Ukraine collection and all proceeds will be forwarded directly onto the International Rescue Committee, which is sending vital supplies to displaced children and families. Otherwise, you can donate directly to the IRC here.

The Kyiv Independent

Integral in providing accurate, detailed accounts of the conflict, support the independent journalism of The Kyiv Independent.

Minimising the spread of misinformation

Alongside donating to Ukrainian-centric charities, minimising the spread of misinformation in your immediate network is an additional means of helping the cause. Disinformation has previously been used as a tool by Russia while in conflict, and amplifying it by accident may cause harm to Ukrainians. Before sharing information on your social media or with friends and family, ensuring you are fact checking accounts is a handy way to conclude if the information provided is accurate, or outdated. You can also contact your local MP to discuss what the federal government is doing to support Ukraine and how you can continue to cultivate support in your local community.

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