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We asked an expert for tips on cleaning makeup brushes and make them last longer

Flawless makeup starts with a clean base and good tools. We spoke to Morphe’s Director of Global Artistry Nicole Faulkner, on how to best clean your makeup brushes and her tips to make them last longer.


What is the best method to clean makeup brushes?

For a quick clean, I use a brush cleansing liquid, which sanitises and has softening agents to keep the brush hairs nice and soft. For a deep clean, I shampoo/wash them thoroughly and let them air dry overnight. In the morning they feel brand new!


What products do you recommend to care for your brushes?

I like to use Dawn dish soap for a deep clean and Cinema Secrets’ brush cleaner for a quick clean.


Does this differ between natural and synthetic?

You’ll care for both in the same way. But keep in mind that Synthetic brushes do need a little extra TLC, as those are mostly used for cream and liquid products. You’ll want to be sure to really lather and work all the product out of the bristles.


How often should you clean brushes?

It really depends on how often you use your brushes. But I would say a quick clean once or twice a week and a deep clean every 2 weeks will allow you to get the longest wear out of your brush collection.


How can you make your brushes last longer?

Make sure you aren’t being unnecessarily rough on the bristles (i.e. digging the brush into the products). Wash them regularly (especially any brushes you use with cream or liquid products). And after you wash them, be sure to use your fingers to smooth the bristles so the brush can form back to its original shape when drying.


Do you have any tips on applying foundation with a brush?

Use a buffer brush like our M439 or E8 in circular motions to apply your foundation for a streak-free, flawless application!



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