Equilibrium massage at Comma, Byron Bay

About five minutes outside of Byron Bay’s town centre, in a beautifully designed space in the arts precinct, you can find Comma – a custom designed day spa specialising in massage therapies. The space is airy and light, and filled with furniture you immediately want to take home with you. The masseuses are dressed in white linen and embody a sense of calm that perhaps only living in Byron can help obtain. I was given the choice of massages (the list is not too scarily long to alleviate anxiety associated with too many options) and then moved into the treatment area. The Equilibrium massage promises relaxation and stretched muscles – all of which I could do with more of. The masseuse listens to where you are feeling tight and focuses there – the treatment feels very tailored to me. I leave, after a calming herbal tea, back out into the Byron sunshine feeling calm and just a little bit taller.