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A weekend away at Hotel Clicquot

Clear blue skies and 30 degree heat, it's safe to say Noosa is an appealing escape when faced with the rainy dreariness of Sydney's winter weather. So when I got an offer escape to a poolside oasis, the answer was an immediate and eager "Yes, please!".




A $35 million dollar house, made sustainably from hemp fibres, and perched on a ledge above Sunshine Beach. An architectural feast; Hotel Clicquot did not disappoint.

With five private guest suites, a home cinema, a gym, an in house wellness centre and a fully stocked Clicquot bar, it's honestly the dream house. Take a dip in the lap pool, or better yet, grab a glass of Clicquot Rich and head down to the spa for a midnight swim. The water is toasty and the ambience of rolling waves just right below is enough to make you melt into your seat.

If warm water isn't your thing, you're in luck, the ground floor of Hotel Clicquot hosts your very own ice bath, chilled to a stark four degrees. Don't worry about freezing over though, there's a sauna and a stream room to flip between until you thaw yourself out again.




Sunset in Noosa is an unmissable occasion, make the most of it, take the Dreamboat experience, you won't regret it. A handcrafted, mahogany boat that glides across the Noosa river at sunset AND feeds you champagne? Dreamy, indeed.




"Staples are sexy" declares head chef at famed Byron restaurant, Harvest, and our chef for the evening, David Moyle. From Shi Koji fermented local vegetables to kelp wrapped tuna, and let's not forget the bletched – yes, bletched – exotic fruit, the dining at Hotel Clicquot was anything but simple. Taking seasonal ingredients from the local environment and matching them to the complex array of Clicquot tastings, dinner was a culinary woodland of flavours.

It may have be the simplest item on the menu but the fried potato and sage bread captured all of our hearts. Resembling somewhat of a savoury Krispy Kreme, this magnificent carb was satisfyingly crispy on the outside and decadently aerated and soft within. Fried pillows of goodness, they tasted as blissful as the stay felt. A spa for your tastebuds.




If you're like me, you'll want about 6 pairs of swimmers to switch from pool to sauna, to steam room a million times over throughout every break in the day. I always love a Sir set.

Sunscreen and sunglasses for lazing by the pool, because ageing well and sun safety. And of course a good LBD for pre-dinner drinks at the bespoke in house bar.

SIR THE LABEL swimmers; MECCA COSMETICA sunscreen; LOEWE sunglasses; SAINT LAURENT dress.




Head to Hotel Clicquot's website to book your trip to paradise (from September 19th). This is not an experience you want to miss.

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