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HoYeon Jung has traded her ‘Squid Game’ tracksuit in for an Adidas set in the brands latest Adicolour campaign

Of all the marvels Squid Game has contributed to pop culture, be it Dalgona candy or a trove of related memes, we're most grateful for the meteoric rise of model and now actress, HoYeon Jung. It's no secret that we're harbouring some strong feelings for this South Korean model. As it turns out, the feelings mutual in the fashion world. It was only last week - October 6 - when Louis Vuitton announced her as its newest Global House Ambassador. Now, in a turn of events that are completely unsurprising, the model has traded the tattered, teal tracksuit of Kang Sae-byeok in for a denim set as part of a new campaign for Adidas Originals Adicolor. And boy, does she wear it well.


It's a vision we've seen before, albeit much more elevated. HoYeon Jung locking eyes with the camera, zipped up in an Adidas Originals sweatsuit from the sportswear brands' lifestyle Adicolor line. The look in question? A blue denim pullover, cropped and with a half zip. Matching sweatpants round out the outfit, featuring elastic cuffs and Adidas' signature three stripes, while those white slip-on Vans have been ditched for a pair of Adidas City Marathon sneakers.

It's marketing at its best and Adidas have definitely seized its moment and the zeitgeist to deliver us a collection that is kind of meta... Especially as the brand has tapped HoYeon for its Adidas Blue Version campaign also. Although, if we're being completely honest, HoYeon Jung could slip on a hessian sack and we would move heaven and earth to secure one for ourselves. All we know is that if you fell in love with the pick-pocketing waif, Kang Sae-byeok, but haven't looked into HoYeon, then you better gird your loins for a Zoe Kravitz-type obsession.

You can shop the Adidas Originals Adicolor range now on the brands website.

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