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Hermès reminds us that slowing down is the greatest quiet luxury of all

Hermès spring summer 2023

Hermès never has to resort to shock tactics for virality, sturdy and grounded by heritage, the House's presentation in the middle of Paris Fashion Week is always a welcome reset. Below, RUSSH walks you through the highlights from Hermès Spring Summer 2024 collection.


Tell me about the collection?

Quiet luxury is Hermès' bread and butter. It's not something creative designer, Nadège Vanhée, had to think twice about for the luxury French brand's Spring Summer 2024 collection. Instead, Vanhée gravitated toward the colour red and all the possibility that lay in its varying tones – the passion of vermillion, the deep desire of mulberry. All shades redolent of summer's first blush.

But first, the basics. The Hermès Spring Summer 2024 collection was presented in a tranquil meadow erected in the courtyard of the Garde Républicaine. We're assured that all the plants used during the show have been replanted in an act of circularity and longevity in step with Hermès. Birkins were stuffed intermittently with hay, long grasses skimmed the models as they meandered out, transporting guests to a gentle oasis that greatly contradicted the month-long rigmarole September inevitably becomes. Because, in the age of digital media when everyone is on all the time, what is more luxurious than slowing down to a snail's pace?

Vanhée hoped to simulate the feeling of an impromptu picnic with its "unhurried chatter, birdsong, a lack of constraints". The clothes and accessories are essential to conjuring this atmosphere. Body skimming skirts and midi dresses were sensual and suggestive, and in line with the season, aimed to "protect but not to hide" – "uncovering but not exposing" was Vanhée's MO.


See our favourite looks below

Below, we present a curated lineup of our favourite looks from the Hermès Spring Summer 2024 collection, which was opened by Anok Yai and closed by Australian model Angelina Kendall.


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