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The latest watch from Hermès invites you to an outer space voyage

Introducing the latest object from Hermès - a galactic reimagining of one of the Maison's signature pieces.

Say hello to the Hermès Acreau Space Derby.

The classic Acreau style has had a makeover with fresh illustrations with images of a thrilling and futuristic horse race. They're brought to life by hand-painted details in vibrant colours on a glittering or iridescent dial. The artwork serves to propel us into the futuristic universe imagined by illustrator Ugo Bienvenu - the same creator who designed the iconic Space Derby scarves for the Maison. Both the scarves and the new watch designs were inspired by the concept of American comic book superheroes and the bright colours of equestrian teams. Together these concepts merge into the breathless, cosmic derby that adorns two new iconic design. Mysterious planets guiding a full speed ahead race through outer space.



The first picture shows a jockey with his aerodynamic chariot pulled by a horse in armour, underneath a starry sky. The next design shows a long-haired driver clutching the reigns of a horse-drawn carriage under a crimson moon. The new Arceau designs appear painted on aventurine or pink opaline with matching blue or rose alligator straps.



Theses scene require a new level of expertise. Miniature scenes such as these require extreme care and a sure touch in order to come alive. The composition and palette of nuances involved in each little vignette need to glow and contrast. This comes about through many meticulously applied layers of micro-painting, each applied successively with a brush and dried in a hot kiln. Each is  entirely crafted in the Hermès Horloger workshops, based on the skills cultivated by the Maison.



The Arceau design was imagined and created by Henri d’Origny in 1978. It is an iconic style for the Maison, and the new iteration of the classic style is sure to become a collectable for the ages.

The Hermès Arceau Space Derby is available at selected Hermès locations.


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