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The witching hour – this unique gin was created with botanicals that only bloom at night

Conceived under the celestial light of the Moon comes a new concoction. A formulation inspired by moonlight and the way it influences the world around us. Allow me to introduce you to Hendrick's Lunar.

From the same Distillery that brings us the original Hendrick's gin, follows this new, small-batch brew that has us feeling witchy. Why? Well, it has a unique and earthly-haunting story.

Hidden away on the remote Scottish Ayrshire coast lies the Hendrick's Gin Palace. It's an extraordinary place where Master Distiller, Ms Lesley Gracie brings her visceral ideas to life.

A lover of earthly elements, she keeps a rich garden of plants, flowers and other blooms - and often tends to these during the nightly hours. It was here that she noticed how some plants only truly come to life under the cast of moonlight. Certain botanicals will only reveal their scents or bloom once the Sun has set for the day.

It's this phenomenon that has served as the inspiration to create Lunar, a brew concocted from botanicals awakened by the Moon, that come to life at night. Distilled and mixed in regional Scotland, it's a formula created by moonlight and designed to energise you during the evening hours.

“It’s a feeling. That feeling when it’s a real dark, calm night, there’s a clear sky and the stars are out. I like that feeling and wanted to bottle that sensation of sharing stories under the stars. In the still of the night, you can get all sorts of smells, there are certain flowers that only release their scent under the light of the moon. There is a peculiar sensory attachment to scents at night, your body doesn’t react to aromas in the same way as during daylight, the darkness changes things, including how you respond to those around you, everything feels different at night," said Lesley.

Warm, refreshing and intoxicating, this alluring (but limited-edition) creation is here to entice you indulge in night-sipping and awaken the spirit of the Moon in all of us.

Hendrick’s Lunar Gin is available for a limited time at Dan Murphy’s. For further information go to


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Image: Aron Visuals on Unsplash