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Diamonds are for spring: Why Hardy Brothers’ Diamond & Vault Collection is our new season jewellery of choice

Hardy Brothers Diamond Vault collection

In partnership with Hardy Brothers


There has always been something remarkably unique about the way a diamond glimmers when it catches the light. The almost blinding impact when the two elements connect is one of life's simplest joys. A feeling of wonder, which quickly turns into euphoria. Diamonds have always evoked an unspeakable feeling; an emotional response that few other gemstones possess. It's a sense of fascination that has continuously been imbued in the Hardy Brothers' DNA, and as we move slowly out of the trenches of winter into the delicate, dazzling moments of spring, the jeweller's new Diamond & Vault Collection is inspiring the same intrigue within our own collections.

Throughout history, diamonds have always been synonymous with eternity, purity and luxury – sentimental pieces that have become family heirlooms or markers of celebration. While diamonds will always hold this significance, there's a new generation of diamond connoisseurs and collectors who are transforming how we style the timeless gemstone; and it's fast becoming the jewellery trend of the season.

Blending evening elegance with the flexibility of everyday wear, the Diamond & Vault Collection by Hardy Brothers invites us to diversify how we think about our diamond pieces. A jeweller that has always placed craftsmanship and traditional techniques at the forefront of its creations, the new collection celebrates injecting timeless elegance into the accessories that see us through the day.



Beginning with the Diamond Staples, this offering – which has been executed with Fancy Cuts of Diamonds – consists of Diamond Solitaire Earrings and matching Pendants. Bringing a sense of modern refinement to the classic designs, these pieces inspire us to elevate the everyday. If you're looking to take your 'day' collection one step further, (which, aren't we all), the selection of statement diamond rings in either rose gold, yellow gold or white gold bring a feeling of balance to your accessories collection. 

Heading into the evening – which for the RUSSH team, can look like anything from dinner at 10 William St, to an evening at the Ballet – Hardy Brothers' Fancy Cut Diamond Drop earrings and Vault collection are impossible to look past, bringing your spring jewellery collection full circle. The capsule collection, comprising of three different earring designs, might initially feel restrained to the untrained eye, but the complexity in their simplicity is what sets the pieces apart; allowing you to wear the designs whether you're celebrating life’s biggest milestones or most intimate moments.


As for the pièce de résistance affectionately known as Vault, this season's high jewellery collection marries unique creativity with unmatched craftsmanship to unveil pieces that are rare and coveted objects d’art. Described as a love letter to silver screen cinema, these new pieces present some of Hardy Brothers most elaborate Vault designs to date; bringing a sense of optimism, joy, exuberance and radiance to the wearer through the hand-selected yellow diamonds.

Designed for the next generation of diamond connoisseurs, Hardy Brothers' Diamond & Vault is the collection we'll be lusting over this season. Shop Hardy Brothers Diamonds in store and online now.


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