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Could it be? A sequel to queer holiday romcom ‘Happiest Season’?

happiest season sequel

Queering Christmas was the best thing Hollywood ever did, if you ask me. After being bombarded with hetero Christmas romcoms for what feels like eternity, it's high time that the gays take centre stage. Because first and foremost, is there any holiday more camp than this one? Santa Claus is a bearded Finnish grandaddy, swathed in a red velvet and fur, singing carols and handing out presents, for Petes sake. But I digress. What I really gathered you here for today, is to sound the alarms because our favourite queer holiday film, Happiest Season, is getting a sequel.

At least that's what we've gathered from a TikTok of Aubrey Plaza at a book signing for The Legend of the Christmas Witch. Before we get into the exact words that were said, we'd just like to bring your attention to the fact that Aubrey is wearing a red velvet cape and matching pointy hat. We love a witchy queen. In the clip, Aubrey Plaza is captured saying, "there's gonna be another one", in reference to Happiest Season. "Um, yeah. Because my character deserves love too," she continues.

Now it's not exactly an official statement from Hulu, but we're taking Aubrey's word for it. For the uninitiated, in the film Plaza plays Riley, a doctor and the ex of Harper. Harper is the current girlfriend of Kristen Stewart, or Abby, as she's known in Happiest Season. As Harper takes Abby home for the holidays to stay with her parents, there's a glaring caveat: they both must pretend they're straight in front of Harper's family. While I won't give away any spoilers, Happiest Season makes a convincing case for Aubrey Plaza and Kristen Stewarts characters to get together, and admittedly we're into it.

If you're a try before you buy kind of person, you can revisit the trailer to Happiest Season below. Until we hear any official confirmation on the sequel front, we'll be over here, fingers crossed, praying for a Christmas miracle.


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