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Hailey Bieber shares what’s in her beach bag

LA woman, Hailey Bieber is a skincare fanatic, a love of denim shorts and of course a true fan of sneakers. In her own words, she says "sneakers are my happy place". The global ambassador for Italian sneaker brand Superga, Hailey shows off her quintessential California-girl energy in a new campaign.

Shot in Malibu in May, the new campaign out August 12 was created by an all female team. It was photographed by former painter, illustrator and animal-rights activist Zoey Grossman and was styled by New-York based stylist and fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson. Showing us a glimpse of the beach and Tennis and Riding Club in Malibu, Hailey is dressed in chic neutrals and shows off both new and classic Superga footwear styles.

In honour of the new campaign, Hailey shares with us her favourite restaurant in Malibu, what's in her beach bag and whether she's a low-top or high-top kind of girl.


The Fall/Winter 2021 Superga campaign was shot in Malibu – what are your favourite spots in the area?

To be honest, I have not spent ton of time in Malibu. One of my favourite places to go for dinner in Malibu is NoBu.



What does your ideal beach day look like?

My ideal beach day is a warm and breezy day of spending time hanging in the sun with good food and friends.


What is the perfect beach look and what do you carry in your beach bag/cooler?

Lately, I have been drawn toward a coloured bikini with a pair of denim shorts. I also tend to carry along a button down for a cover up and a pair of classic Superga sneakers with me as they pretty much pair with everything. My beach bag usually has a hairbrush, sunscreen, and leave-in conditioner as well.


Before you throw on your favourite sneakers, what is your morning routine?

When waking up in the morning, my routine begins by washing the sleep from my face and going through a regimented skincare routine brushing my teeth and thinking about my look for the day.


Low-top or High-top? Why?

Currently, I am drawn to low-tops because I love wearing anklets and they’re easier to slip in and out of.


Beach or City? Why?

I am originally from New York so the city always has a place in my heart. However, I do love the beach. I would have to say both!


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