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At the Gucci Cruise 2025 show, Sabato De Sarno says “thank you, London”

The saying often goes, "In order to move forward, you can't look back," but for Gucci Creative Director Sabato De Sarno's first Cruise show, the designer drew inspiration from a city that has "welcomed and listened to me" – London.

Held in one of the most esteemed art galleries, the Tate Modern, officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2000, the venue perfectly echoed the collection's theme. The site, originally a former power station, still channels the energy it once harnessed, now filled with some of the world's most significant pieces of modern art. It seems fitting that Sabato De Sarno chose this space to frame his first Gucci Cruise collection, creating a dialogue between heritage and modernity, producing something familiar with a twist, that the audience viewed through the eyes of De Sarno.

The collection displayed a perfect relationship between rigour and extravagance. It was presented in an arena that not only houses art but also embodies the essence of modern transformation — just as the Tate Modern was reimagined from a power station to an art gallery, Sabato De Sarno reinterprets Gucci's heritage through a contemporary lens. See the best moments from the Gucci Cruise 2025 show, below.


Gucci Cruise 2025

Sabato De Sarno stated, “To explore a creative direction is to bring yourself into an already-existing space and show it through your eyes.” This ethos is vividly reflected in the collection, which intertwines De Sarno's personal experiences and memories with the rich history of Gucci in London. The show at the Tate Modern embodied De Sarno's vision, where contrasts coexist and inspire into a new narrative.

The Gucci Cruise collection embraced dualities: rigour versus extravagance. Think sharp tailoring meeting whimsical florals, where strength found beauty in delicacy. Imagine crisp, technical jackets juxtaposed against soft, wildflower patterns. Three-dimensional organza blooms and shimmering sequins adorned outerwear, creating a sense of both protection and luxury. Flowing chiffons, ruffles, and lace blurred the lines between formal and casual, making evening wear feel effortless. Delicate elements found a new edge, with the iconic lobster clasp reborn as a delicate pearl necklace. Hints of Gucci's equestrian heritage peeked through with horsebit details on suede, balanced by the introduction of relaxed denim and comfortable flats.

As the iconic song "The Power of Love" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood filled the museum, signaling the show's conclusion, the final lap of the collection commenced. It was a poignant moment, evoking a sense of nostalgia and unity. Unconsciously, my thoughts drifted to the concluding scene in All Of Us Strangers, where Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott—symbols of the past and present, come together in an embrace. This emotional resonance was particularly fitting, especially with Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott present in the front row. Their presence underscored the collection's themes of bridging history and modernity, leaving the audience with a deeply fulfilling emotion.


Gucci celebrity attendance

Gucci's celebrity attendees are far from normal- except Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, they're normal people right? Besides our favourite best-friend duo, the Gucci Cruise show was quite the star studded event.

Lila Moss, Kate Moss, Abbey Lee, Demi Moore, Law Roach, Little Simz, Poppy Delevingne, Solange Knowles, Due Lipa and plenty more filled the front row.

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