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Steady yourselves, Gossip Girl 2.0 is officially getting a second season

Calling all Upper East Siders — and of course, the rest of you Gossip Girl devotees — you may want to steady yourself because HBO have just officially confirmed that we're in for another taste of life inside the hallowed halls of Constance Billiard.

Yesterday in a press release, HBO Max announced that the Gossip Girl reboot will be renewed for a second season. Just the news we needed to weather the tail end of 2021! Alongside this news, the streaming service also confirmed what we already knew to be true — Gossip Girl 2.0 is HBO Max's most watched Original series this year and all we can say is duh! It was clear from the outset that we were all harbouring an unhealthy level of thirst for the show.

In classic Gossip Girl fashion, the information came with its' very own Instagram post; teasing us all beyond our wits end and raising a lot of questions. The post read, "You'll want to keep your phone close, I won't be gone for long. S1 continues this fall, with S2 to follow."


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Season 1 isn't even cold in its grave and already we're speculating over what could possibly be in store for us next year. And after watching that juicy clip we have one pressing question, will the reign of the teachers as GG end this season? Who will take charge? If we were to guess, my votes on Milo Sparks. The next six episodes of season 1 will air this November, so it's probably still a little too early to have our head in the plot of Gossip Girl season 2. Especially since details like a production start date and the number of episodes for the forthcoming season are yet to be confirmed.

But for those tuning in to the final half of season 1, we can't help but wonder if Julien and Obie officially reunite. Although with one of those famous drama-fuelled Thanksgiving episodes on the horizon...I'm sure we're bound to find out.

For more updates about Gossip Girl season 2 watch this space.

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