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Givenchy is the latest designer to plunge into the world of crypto, with an NFT collection in collaboration with artist Chito

These days it really does seem like you can't swing a Fendi peekaboo without hitting some crypto evangelist ready to chew your ear off. Odds are you're one of them. Certainly you're not alone, either. The fashion set has more than signalled they're ready to plunge into the metaverse, with designers finding new ways to integrate the medium into their operations daily. We've witnessed NFTs from Valentino and Hermes, even from models like Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss and Em Rata. Now, the latest House determined to join the fray is Givenchy with its own NFT collection in collaboration with Chito.


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Under the guidance of creative director, Matthew M. Williams, Givenchy is joining its fashion peers in the crypto realm with a series of NFTs. This collection has been developed in collaboration with graphic artist Chito; and so, accordingly, the range compiles of 15 primary-coloured and monochromatic airbrushed characters, including a play on Givenchy's iconic rottweiler motif. Look familiar? The mix of symbols and characters were the same integrated into Givenchy's spring 2022 pre-collection.


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In a press release, Williams said, "I’ve been wanting to explore this new and exciting space of NFTs. The fact that Chito is already active in the ecosystem made it feel even more natural for us to collaborate on this limited series and bring our collective vision for Givenchy even further".

For those of you with coin to burn, you can snatch up an NFT from the Givenchy x Chito collection at OpenSea, where the range will go on sale from November 23.

For those who are still a little hazy on what on earth an NFT actually is, here you'll find an easy to digest explainer on the NFT phenomenon and how they work.

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