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A free, at home Pilates class courtesy Bianca Melas

Bianca Melas free at home Pilates class RUSSH Weekend

Whether you're isolating, under financial pressure or taking precautions, the opportunity to take exercise classes at home is a major factor in maintaining physical and mental health right now.

Having tried a few online sessions at this point, we have some criteria in mind when we're looking for classes at home. One, they must be engaging. Two, they must produce results. And Bianca Melas's at home Pilates class - created for RUSSH Weekend - does both. The session streamed live @russhmagazine as part of the Weekend. But if you missed it, don't worry. It's been immortalised for your convenience on the RUSSH IGTV channel, so that it might be added to your weekly at home exercise routine.

A tip from Melas before you start: "If you do any movements and things just don't feel right. Or if something just doesn't feel good, come down, have a reset. That is totally fine.

"This is your practice, this is your time, so just honour yourself and make sure you do listen to your body."

All you'll need for Melas's at home Pilates class is 30 minutes, and a mat or other soft surface. Plus water to hydrate.

Melas has also created a playlist to accompany the workout, that you can find here.

The routine targets the core, abdominals, obliques, glutes, arms and so much more. It's our new lunch break essential.


Ready to move? Try Bianca Melas's at home Pilates class below



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