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Looks like Fred Again… is playing a secret show at a Sydney park this weekend

The Fred Again... hysteria is at an all-time high right now in Australia, and the question hot on everyone's lips for the last week and a half has been simple: Where will he play next?

The idea of a secret tour – with shows only announced a few days before (or sometimes only a few hours before) – is pretty wild in concept, but it seems like Fred Again... has no problem being able to pull festival-worthy crowds at the drop of a hat.

That said, while his remaining scheduled shows in Sydney happen tonight and tomorrow night, we've heard some rumours swirling about the possibility of a final hurrah in Sydney this weekend at Domain. The park, which is situated out front of the NSW Art Gallery and Botanic Gardens Sydney, has played host to several big live music and arts events before, so it makes for a perfectly scenic spot for a Fred send-off.

Here's what we know so far...


When will the gig happen?

Signage currently up at the site suggests that the undisclosed Fred Again... gig could be happening on Friday or Saturday (potentially even Sunday, though we think this is less likely).


Where will the gig happen?

Earlier this week, internet sleuths unearthed some public council documents to suggest that Fred Again... would be playing a gig at Domain. Road closure documents under the codename 'HIVE' were submitted and approved for both Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of March.

The site has all but been confirmed at this point, with 'Fred Again' signage up on-site, where bars and other stage equipment are already being erected.


When will tickets go on sale?

It's hard to say when tickets will go on sale at this point. Fred doesn't seem to play by much of a rule book, but considering he has two more scheduled shows in Sydney both tonight and tomorrow night, we think it's likely he'll announce the show – and ticket sales – in the next 48 hours.


Where can I buy tickets?

As with the rest of his tour, we can pretty safely assume that tickets will be for sale via Ticketek.


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