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Framed is the new Wordle variant that will put your movie knowledge to the test

framed game

If you haven't heard of Wordle (or its musical cousin Heardle) then consider this an official intervention. It's time to consult your real estate agent and have them put that rock you're living under up for sale. Welcome to the land of the living pal. For the rest of us (read: those who have been caught during their designated Wordle meal break) we've got another daily brain teaser to share that's bound to deliver some kicks. It's called Framed and it's found an audience among self-proclaimed movie buffs.

Breaking free of the words ending with 'le' name format, Framed riffs on the premise of Heardle. Instead of guessing the opening of a song however, players are given a frame from a film and must guess that movie it belongs to. It's pretty straightforward stuff. Just like Wordle, you have six chances to correctly guess the film still with each one becoming more obvious as the hints roll in. There's only one a day, so take your time.

As you type in a film title, the site will also suggest movies to cancel out any mishaps with spelling. Previous Framed answers have included the hot and heavy Call Me By Your Name, Ford vs Ferrari, Goodfellas and today's shambolic choice Hot Fuzz. No, I did not get it right. In 2007 I was watching Christopher Walken dislocate a hip in Hairspray, not that buddy cop comedy.

To play Framed, simply head to the Framed website and try your luck. You're going to need it, especially if they're putting films like Hot Fuzz in there. When you're done, there's a handy countdown that tells you how much time is left until the next Framed still is released. Enjoy.

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