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Four Pillars has unveiled its second home in Healesville

four pillars

If you drink gin here in Australia, you have Four Pillars to thank for that. Since its inception back in 2013, they've championed the spirit, giving us a local name to latch onto and sip with pride. Now the distillery, based in Healesville, Victoria, has unveiled a project that's been in the works for quite some time: Healesville 2.0.

Sitting just across the road from its current Yarra Valley site, Healesville 2.0 was crafted with the help of Melbourne’s award-winning and sustainability-led Breathe Architecture. The construction of which includes recycled and upcycled concrete and bricks and pineapple ‘leather’ upholstery, even building ‘waste’ has been carefully used and given a second life. Furniture is all locally sourced, solar power panels line the roof, and internal and external landscaping include plantings of local natives and botanicals — many of which will be used in future gin distillations.

Consisting of Jude's Gin Garden, an additional 1000 sqm space for enjoying the fruits of Four Pillars, multiple event spaces and a Four Pillars Gin Shop, the expansion has nearly tripled the previous capacity for visitors. Plus, it's made room for another German copper Carl still to enter the fray, meaning more gin and thus, more good times.

Having opened on April 26, you can spend your weekend relaxing at Four Pillars immediately sans the crowds or queues. After all, the new expansion guarantees plenty of space. Or if you prefer, book in a range of experiences such as the signature gin masterclass, maker session and the famous G&T sessions at both Coral’s Loft and the new premises.

As for the food? Enjoy an ever-changing lineup of cocktails and gin tasting paddles paired with a food menu focused on the fineries of local producers. Think duck liver pâté refreshed with Bloody Shiraz Gin jelly, bagels with olive leaf gin-cured salmon and potato, zucchini and dill croquettes laced with gin.

Explore the distillery now and find more information on the Four Pillars website.

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