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A new documentary recounting the violent attack on the U.S Capitol building is coming to HBO

Four Hours at the Capitol

At the beginning of 2021, Washington's Capitol building was transformed into a battleground of anarchy; as a mob of angry Trump supporters had invaded the premises. The event was far from a peaceful protest; and rather, was a blatant display of violence that not only left the building destroyed, but also claimed the lives of five people. Despite representing yet another smear on American political history; there's no doubting the significance it holds. Now, a new documentary from HBO, titled Four Hours at the Capitol, is bringing the harrowing event to our screens.

The new documentary will arrive on the streaming platform later this month on October 20, and has been created in collaboration with BBC. Four Hours at the Capitol has been described as as a harrowing and immersive chronicle of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol; providing a “tightly focused and comprehensive” exploration of the day's events.

The documentary is set to bring together never-before-seen footage and vivid first-hand accounts; creating a timeline that will follow how the violence quickly grew, leaving Capitol security forces outnumbered and overwhelmed. At its core, the documentary aims to go beyond the news reports; speaking to those who were on the ground and sharing body-cam footage from the moments before, during and after. It will also include exclusive interviews with representatives, senators, protestors, journalists and Capitol staffers to ask the question; "is the ideology that spurred the rioters still viral in America?”

Since the siege occurred almost 10 months ago, 658 people have been charged with crimes; largely, in thanks to the many people who helped identify rioters to the FBI. Thankfully, this group of people also included the infamous topless man sporting a horned furry hat; amongst several other notable faces who were splattered all over the news.

To understand more of what happened on the day of the U.S Capitol invasion and how you can continue to the fight for justice, look to our breakdown of ways you can help take action.

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