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Jessie Buckley is only just getting started, starring in new sci-fi romance ‘Fingernails’

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Anyone keeping up with the tidal wave of new films over the past two years will have no doubt clocked the name Jessie Buckley. She broke our hearts in Chernobyl, was a grounding presence in I'm Thinking of Ending Things and added a refreshing perspective to the discourse of motherhood in The Lost DaughterNow, with a slate of films in the pipeline, namely the filmic adaptation of Women Talking and the A24 horror, Men, it appears we're in for a Buckley bonanza. The actor has been tapped to star in Fingernails too.

What is Fingernails about?

So far, what we know about Fingernails is that it's been described as a "grounded sci-fi love story" according to Deadline. Based in the vague context of the near future, a test has been discovered that measures whether couples are truly in love. Naturally, this is cause for many to capitalise on it, and under the guise of helping couples to succeed so-called love institutes have opened to guide them.

Performing the role of Anna, Buckley's character is sceptical of the positive result she received in relation to her longtime partner. As a result, she begins working in one of these love institutes as an assistant to Trevor, a mysterious and dedicated instructor.

Who has been cast in Fingernails?

Although Buckley has taken on the role of Anna, it was originally intended for Carey Mulligan. Riz Ahmed is onboard as Trevor. Like Buckley, we expect to see more of Ahmed in the wake of his Oscar-winning performance in The Long Goodbye. Christos Nikou is steering the film, while Cate Blanchett's production company Dirty Films will produce alongside FilmNation Entertainment.

Is there a release date for Fingernails?

At this point in time, a release date has not yet been seen for the film. Nor has production started. When more information inevitably surfaces we'll be sure to keep you updated.

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