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Distance makes the heart grow fonder: find your community, online

Self-isolating need not mean a loss of connection. All the ways to stay in touch, mentally, physically and spiritually, through the world wide web.


Log on online, to mentally log off

Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling to stay ground amidst uncertainty? Been hearing of the benefits of meditating for so long but never took the step of getting started. Well, why not now? Bondi Meditation Centre has moved their classes online so you can now tune in and gather together via the web. Group meditation and discussions mean you have the chance to speak with and hear from others and realizing, in one small way that we are all in this together.

I can show you the world

Ever stood beneath the Sistine Chapel, arching your neck to gaze upon the beauty? Ever stood before Michelangelo’s David and been dwarfed by his presence? There’s nothing like seeing it in the flesh but in these uncertain times seeing it at all is pure escapism enough. Galleries of the world have long allowed you to view their greatest works of art through virtual tours. Musee D’Orsay’s expansive collection of Van Gogh, the Louvre’s Egyptian antiques. So, whilst we work from home and need to create our own structure more than ever, why not take your lunch break in Paris? Your mid-morning coffee in Rome?

The master of none

Boredom breeds creativity, and what better way to master a new skill than in captivity? Online platform Masterclass allows you to hear from the masters of their field on just what it took to get there. My personal favourite David Sedaris on the art of writing, Chris Voss on the art of negotiation, on cultivating our authentic selves via Ru Paul and none other than David Lynch on film and creativity. For a monthly subscription you can sit at home, glass of wine in hand and soak in the wisdom of the greats.

Move your body

Nothing makes you crave getting into your body than being trapped in your mind. Maybe you live on property and have more spare rooms than most but for those of us living in close quarters sometimes the best escapism is to simply escape into your body. Online platform Steezy teaches a variety of dance styles from Hip Hop to Krump, Dance Hall to Jazz Funk. And breaks down techniques into mini lessons to really hone-in on your skills. The clubs won’t know what hit them (once they reopen).

The art of eye contact

You’ve got the whole wide world in the palm of your hand. We’re (mostly) all in the same boat, so take this opportunity to connect in all the ways you have wanted to but have never gotten around to. Start a discussion group. Call your friends and hit play on your favourite TV show simultaneously. Practise the art of arguing by lobbing your most controversial opinion into the air and observe what happens. Start a film club, a book club, a podcast think tank. Call a friend, apply your favourite face mask, FaceTime and pretend like they’re right there, on the couch next to you.