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A Peggy Lee biopic is in the works and we can feel a fever coming on

peggy lee biopic

That bass, finger-clicking and then her voice, clear and resonant. It's this order that Peggy Lee's rendition of Fever dances into your ears. A sound that sucks all the air from the room. Leaving you with little else but a burgeoning desire, sticky and humid. It's this sound that Todd Haynes plans to explore in his latest project, a biopic about Peggy Lee the musician and the woman. Simply titled Fever (what else?), it's causing a stir of late for obvious reasons. Below, we've highlighted everything we know about the film so far.

Who has been cast in Fever?

I'm no casting agent, but I will say searching for someone to play a figure as iconic as Peggy Lee does not look like an easy job. That's why I'm of the mind that it must be someone equally as iconic. Therefore it makes sense for Michelle Williams to take on the role as leading lady. Having already played Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn, another blonde bombshell, we're without a doubt that Williams can do the singer justice.

Co-starring alongside Michelle Williams is Alessandro Nivola from The Many Saints of Newark and Ginger and Rosa, who is saddled with the role of Dave Barbour, Peggy Lee's co-writer and husband.

What is Fever about?

According to Variety, the biopic will be structured around Peggy Lee's most memorable performances; exploring jazz culture in mid century America and the role of women as performers. In an interview with the publication, Todd Haynes said of the project, "[Peggy Lee was] a very unique kind of performer who represented overt sexuality, particularly for her time. She was the Mae West of popular songs".

“Something happens with Peggy in these rooms that’s so strange – it feels utterly intimate and honest. She has that incredible cool about her but there is something performative too. And a great deal of sadness," Haynes continued. Consider our attention officially roused.

Is there a release date for Fever?

At the moment we've yet to hear word of a release date, probably because the film is still in the early stages of production. But if you're looking for a music documentary to plunge into, Todd Haynes recently released one that centres The Velvet Underground.

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