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FERMIO Immunity + Complex and Collagen + Clarity

If there's one thing we all need a little more of in 2021 it's immunity. And if there's one thing we all want in 2021 it's glowing skin. We've got you covered on both fronts with a free FERMIO Immunity + Complex pack and a free Collagen + Clarity pack worth $134 when you subscribe to RUSSH.*

If you haven't heard of Australian brand FERMIO then we're not going to hold it against you - they're new. Don't let that fool you into thinking they don't know what they're doing though. With over 30 years of collective experience in pharmacy, biochemistry, biotechnology and the FMCG food industry, this team have blended nature and science to make superfoods super simple.

Offering an effortless approach to wellness that is scientifically based, rigorously tested, and meticulously manufactured, FERMIO’s products are multi-functional, flexible and easy to integrate into your lifestyle. Their aim? To help people reach their individual goals, wherever they are in their wellness journey.

Created in response to the demand for high-level, low-maintenance nutrition they developed products which deliver maximum nutritional value in the simplest and most delicious way possible.


FERMIO Immunity + Complex

FERMIO’s Immunity + Complex contains a modern blend of Chinese herbs, adaptogens and plant-powered antioxidants. Together these are formulated to optimise immune function and reinforce the body’s defences all year round.

What do they actually do though? Naturally-derived anti-inflammatory enzymes and bioactive extracts support a robust circulatory system. Healthy circulation also boosts infection-fighting immune cells which help balance your immune response.

By modernising ancient healing traditions with state-of-the-art technologies, FERMIO have been able to distill the restorative power of herbs into a delicious tonic naturally flavoured with tropical fruit juices. Dilute with sparking water or juice for a refreshing herbal boost.


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FERMIO Collagen + Clarity

FERMIO’s Collagen + Clarity formula takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. It is designed to simultaneously support skin appearance, nourish gut health and keep you focused throughout the day. Beautiful skin with a side of extra mental alertness? Yes please.

The blend combines premium Japanese Marine Collagen with natural nootropics for an innovative pick-me-up that perks up your skin from the inside out.

Caffeine-free and stimulant-free, this formula is rich in calming GABA, stress-fighting herbal extracts and blood sugar balancing bio-actives to deliver smooth energy and focus without the crash.


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