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How to make the most of Spring with these 5 fennel recipes

fennel recipes

There are a myriad of reasons why eating with the seasons is better for you. Produce is of a higher quality, it was most likely grown more naturally and locally, it simply tastes better and well, it’s also often cheaper. 

And so, as we head into Spring, the days get warmer, the nights are getting longer and we have rounded up our favourite recipes that celebrate the flavours of fennel. Think you don’t like the taste? Think again and expand your palette with these easy meals. 


Casarecce with pork and fennel sausage ragu 

Tipo 00

Here’s hoping you have made it to Melbourne’s Tipo 00 restaurant. (Pre-lockdown that is). For their pastas are second to none. And luckily enough they shared a few of their recipes so we can try to replicate the taste from home. For those that are still unsure about fennel this is the perfect introduction. You don’t use a whole fennel here, instead the taste is in the pork and fennel sausages. Garlic, white wine and plenty of cheese. This is a crowd pleaser. 


Lemony chicken soup with fennel and dill

Alison Roman

Just because it is getting warmer doesn't mean we don’t sometimes still want comfort food. This soup is a lighter version than most. Fresh flavours courtesy of lemon, fennel and dill. Nourishing, warming, full of flavour and recipe by none other than the internet’s favourite chef, Alison Roman. 


Fennel gratin 

fennel recipes

Everything tastes good when it’s covered in cream, cheese and bread crumbs. And fennel is no exception. Perfect as a side to roast chicken or steak. It might take a little longer to cook but the results are worth every minute.  


Italian fennel slaw

For when the nights are hot and cooking is the last thing on our minds. Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a mandolin as it will make everything easier. Fennel sliced so thinly is softens with just lemon juice. On it’s own or as a side salad. This one is a Spring and Summer must. 


Caramelized fennel and goats cheese flatbread

Looking to host? This is a perfect starter to feed people on the go. Prep this flatbread ahead of time so you can focus on wines and good conversation. 


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