Beauty / Favourites

The RUSSH Editors share their favourite beauty pick-me-ups

The title says it all. Pick-me-up’s can come in many forms. This week we’re sharing which products make us each feel our best and why, because sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.


Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor


The list can change daily. Right now what makes me feel like more of a human is a warm shower and exfoliating face scrub using Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant - my skin feels brand new and so smooth after I use this product. Post shower is followed by a smothering of Kora Organic’s Noni Glow Face Oil on my face and neck and then a Gua Sha massage in all the right spots. It’s a home style glow up.


Gabriela Hidalgo

Brand & Art Director 

There is something about a hot shower and a deep exfoliation that makes you feel brand new. Whether it be for the face or body, this feels like a #SelfCare treat and you’re left feeling wide awake with a new canvas ready for any face mask, serum or moisturiser to seep through. The hemp exfoliating mitt from The Body Shop is perfect, followed by a lymphatic massage application of KORA Body Oil. Then for the face, the Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash by Fresh leaves me feeling rejuvenated and bouncy.


Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director


My favourite feel-good beauty pick is Futuredew from Glossier. I just adore it. It’s an unusual one, sort of like a serum but designed to be applied as the last step in your skincare routine, after sunscreen. I’m not much of a full-glam makeup person, so I use it instead of foundation. It sort of soft-focuses your skin, helping to blur your imperfections without covering anything up. Your skin still looks like your skin, just glowy and pretty. It makes me feel confident, and I don’t have to worry about my makeup rubbing off. Hopefully Glossier opens up shipping to Australia soon because I am drastically running out of this stuff.

The other product in my beauty collection that never fails to pick me up is my Spice lip pencil. I am truly, head-over-heels obsessed with 90s fashion and 90s beauty. And what is more iconically 90s than MAC Spice? Whenever I wear it, I feel an instant Cindy-Crawford-in-that-pepsi-commerical-style lift. 


Elle Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

There are a few and for many different reasons. Benefit’s Benetint for making it look like I have healthy blood flowing through my face. Davroe’s Rebuilder and MCT treatments once a week because you get comments like “your hair looks lush” after using. May Lindstrom’s Pendulum Potion used as a body oil as it feels so luxe and because I love the way it smells. REN’s scrub because I never feel better than post scrub and finally Rationale’s Immunologist mask if I want skin that glows and don’t want to wear foundation.  


Ella Jane

Production Coordinator


My method of feeling ‘picked up’ always comes in the form of good skin. As someone who has struggled with acne in the past, nothing feels better post-acne-battle than plump, clear skin. On an internal level, IMBIBE Beauty Renewal and Collagen Powder help to support this daily. When I need a polish, Omorovicza’s Copper Peel works hard to turnover those cells, and to finish, Glossier Skin Tint for a barely there veil.