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Isolation viewing: Prada and Mubi present the best of the worst films

Remember the films that were tragically disappointing? The ones that flopped at the box office, received critically harsh reviews or were maybe just ahead of or behind their time. Now you can relive these wonders with Perfect Failures, a joint curatorial collaboration between Fondazione Prada and streaming service MUBI. The collaborative project is a spotlight on the films that were severely misunderstood or perhaps judged a little too quickly upon their original release.

The film selections will be available from April 5 via MUBI, during which the physical spaces of Fondazione Prada are temporarily closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The collaboration with MUBI was designed to strengthen Fondazione Prada’s international film program, while having the opportunity now to reach an even wider community with a remote audience enjoying from the comfort of their own homes.

Fondazione Prada’s website will also have a dedicated section to accompany the special project in which original materials, native content, selected movie notes and curiosities about the directors will all be included for new ways of participation with the public.

Behold your cinematographic journey includes films such as (but limited to) Southland Tales, 2006 by Richard Kelly, A Countess from Hong Kong, 1967 by Charlie Chaplin, Fedora, 1978 by Billy Wilder, Night Moves, 2013 by Kelly Reichardt, Un divan à New York (A Couch in New York), 1996 by Chantal Akerman and Showgirls, 1995 by Paul Verhoeven.

Now is the perfect time to give some of these movies a second chance. While all of these selections were received with great confusion and even revulsion, Perfect Failures just proves that a film’s original screening is not the final say.

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