Our November fashion favourites are here

fashion favourites november 2023

Anyone else in a black mood? Not that we mean this in the literal sense of the phrase (although the state of the world definitely takes one to that headspace). But as we approach the end of the year, with the tight schedules and frantic energy the holidays bring, we're clinging to monochrome like the grab handles above the passenger seat. Buckle up, we're zooming headfirst into silly season!

With this in mind, our fashion wishlist is equipped to handle the Australian heat, while offering new staples that will pair easily with your existing wardrobes – because black goes with everything, obviously. So next time you're tearing through your wardrobe for something appropriate to wear, at least you don't have to consider whether these pieces clash.

Go for a scroll and you might think we're deliberately rallying against the florals for spring trope. Hence the inclusion of this airy, leafy green dress from Acne Studios, replete with rosettes and primed for end of year celebrations. Silver accents and hardware nod to armour – anything to bolster you for the month ahead, from these GANNI clogs to the slinky Kiko Kostadinov bracelet.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon, the sales present an opportunity to complete all your Christmas shopping and perhaps, also snap up some deals for yourself. Let this wishlist serve as your launchpad, a brainstorm of wardrobe ideas for the coming month. Continue below for our selection of fashion favourites from November 2023. Happy shopping!


AMOMENTO Navy Padded Bag


ACNE STUDIOS Crochet Strap Dress


WALES BONNER Shell-detail Leather Loafers


KIKO KOSTADINOV Gunmetal Geo Bracelet




OPEN YY Glitter Platform Flip Flops



fashion favourites november 2023




TANK AIR Bunny Hot Pants

fashion favourites november 2023


DISSH Black Boucle Knit Vest

fashion favourites november 2023


GANNI Studded Leather Clogs

fashion favourites november 2023

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