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Expand your horizons with Semi Permanent 2019

The most powerful creative minds, all in the one place. Considered a haven of ingenuity and mecca of intelligence. Semi Permanent is back in Sydney for 2019. A must-go every year, this festival of ideas is renowned for its line up of some of the world’s best designers, artists and creative minds that are working and thriving in our modern world.

Each year a central theme lies informs the festival's direction - in 2019, that theme is truth, and in this era of uncertainty and ‘post-truth’ that we currently find ourselves in, it's bound to bring to the fore some insights we need to hear. This exploration of truth and ‘how to wield it, how to overcome those who seek to blur it, and if it’s even a necessary ingredient on the path to success’ will be carried out over a series of panels, presentations, workshops and parties, where you can join the creative community in searching for a cure for the modern condition.

Hosting 29 special guests, this year’s roster features the likes of well-known names such CJ Hendry, Michel Gondry, the New York Times, Mark Woollen, and Michael Leon, as well as some upcoming creatives such as Anagrama and Erica Dorn. When you’re not getting a masterclass in life from the guests, there are exhibitions and experiences that are designed to pump up the creative energy and get down to the nitty gritty. Hands on workshops with Wes Anderson’s designer Erica Dorn, and a masterclass with RARE are just some of the items on the agenda.

Taking place from May 23-25 at Carriageworks, this is a three day event that you can tailor to your schedule. Time to realise your potential.

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