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Introducing Eva’s newest coffee table, a glorious fit for smaller homes

Curating your home space is can be a true joy. Long gone are the days of hand-me-down bed frames from older siblings or the practical but clunky furniture picked by our parents. And with more of us working from home, there's never been a greater incentive to do so. After all, the age-old truism, tidy life equals a tidy mind, while slightly irritating is also undoubtedly true.

One of the more sobering lessons we learn when styling our homes, is learning to work with the space you have, not the space you want. For a lot of us that means embracing our cute, but on the smaller-side apartments or houses. This is where furniture studio Eva lends a helping hand.

Eva 'Hideaway Table'

Simple living is Eva's ethos and we're glad because it's ours too. A trove of remarkably simple and functional pieces greet you from their website. One that's caught our eye here at RUSSH is the Eva 'Hideaway Table'. Made from ethically-sourced timber, as opposed to veneer, the table is a durable and minimalist reimagining of a household staple. Available in a variety of different sizes and shapes, it makes a versatile and thoughtful addition to any space, but particularly those working with less room.

Features include easy twist-on legs, for those, like me, who are allergic to fiddly flat pack furniture. It has discreet drawers that slide out, ready to hide TV remotes, chargers and all the other traces of our tech-filled lives.

It takes a lot to grab our attention furniture-wise these days and to do this, you have to be considering sustainability. Eva have gone to great lengths to maintain transparency regarding their supply chain and manufacturing processes. Leftover timber is made into matching coasters, which come with every purchase of their Hideaway Table. And for peace of mind, Eva have a generous 120 day trial and free return policy. It's nice to have someone looking out for us.

All the details about the newest member to Eva's furniture family can be found on the brand website.


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Images: Instagram, Molly Westcott