E^ST’s new album ‘I’m Doing It’ is finally here



It's out today. I'm Doing It is here at last.

Alt-pop artist E^ST's much-hyped debut album is finally in our proverbial hands. It's exactly what we were expecting, and so much more.

A 13-track collection of modern pop hits. They're hype songs, pick-me-up tunes, in-the-car-on-the-way-to-the-party feel-good bangers. E^ST's distinctive, sonorous vocals are playful and at times moody. I'm Doing It is joyful, pensive and raw, truly an album of 2020.

The body of work was recorded with her “musical soulmate” Jim Eliot (song write and producer that has worked with Ellie Goulding, Anne-Marie, Halsey). It tells the full story arc that takes place after the collapse of a relationship, with E^ST investigating the ups, downs and uncertainties that come with being a young adult and finding your place in the world.

The album starts big with Flight Path, a verified party anthem. We move slowly into more introspective moment with Fresh Out Of Love. The turning point comes in the middle with a song, appropriately enough, called Turn. After that, the jump into the final five tracks is huge. A blend of sounds - both the feel-good and self-analytical themes are refreshing. A musical palate cleanse of sorts.

“The first half of the album is all about being a heartbroken mess as your life falls apart, and it’s wallowing in that with no effort to make sense of it,” E^ST said. “I mean you need to have a wallow — it’s crucial.”

“(The songs) are still dealing with sadness and heartbreak, but there’s a conscious effort to do better and be better. The album takes on an optimistic tone as I grow as a person. By the end, the album’s like: it’s okay, I’m getting by, I’m coping.”

You can listen to the new album on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, the Google Play store, the iTunes store or you can buy it old school on vinyl at JB Hi-Fi.



Music has proved a challenged area in 2020. But that hasn't held Mel Bester aka E^ST back in the slightest. In fact 2020 has well and truly been her year. Her rebound anthem Talk Deep made it into Triple J's Hottest 100 and she began a streak of winning singles, including 60’s inspired ballad Fresh Out Of Love and fast-paced quirky pop hit Maybe It's Me. Then her most recent single I Wanna Be Here was her biggest pop moment yet, showcasing her world-class knack for melody.

Against all the odds, E^ST is even set to perform this August. This artist is playing to sold-out crowds at The Vanguard on August 2 and 3 where ticket holders will get to experience the tracks from I'm Doing It live.

If you missed out on tickets, keep your your eyes peeled. There's always the possibility that more shows will be added.


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